The Bar’s Been Set

Call it the title track if you want, this is the song where the phrase “More Than True” came from. But this song really stemmed from another phrase, one we’re all familiar with — “True Love”. This starts with the idea of romantic love but I mean it more generally than that as well. We throw it around all the time in books, movies, other people’s relationships, and our own…we want to be in love and we want the real thing, we want it to be true and whole-hearted.

So what is this true love anyway? Is our concept of love close to what love actually could and should be? A lot of the time I look around and feel the world’s idea of love is pretty low. It’s like a game we play at. Often what we call love is more like self-love if anything…looking for completion in another person, wanting someone who just adores us and makes us feel good, or something to occupy this life. If that’s what this world means by love, then that’s not good enough for me. I want more than that. Mere self-gratification or even mutual self-gratification is temporal. I’ve been pretty convicted of this and have had to ask myself how loving of a person I really am.

This song is an attempt to make that statement and come clean. Living up to it is another thing. Once you are aware of love’s current insufficiencies and what it could be, the bar has been set for you. What are you going to do about it? Most of us have seen or tasted relationships that begin to show what real love is. The truest example I have found is in Jesus Christ and the God of the Bible.

Maybe I have not been straight with you
I know we’ve got no more time to lose
If there’s love in your heart, it’s gonna die without proof
If there’s love in your heart, maybe I’ve fallen for it too

Are we made of the same stuff that everybody claims that there love is made of?
Are we more than true? Now the bars been set for you.

Maybe we’re past the life we once knew
Oh surely we couldn’t go back even if we wanted to
Love is more than trading hearts, it gives itself and doesn’t seek to get back what it’s lost
We may not yet be true, but we’re closer now to seeing this thing through


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