Discography & Lyrics

Feet That Found a Road album cover
Feet That Found a Road, 2015
A Little Hope
Chasing Home
Nothing to Lose
Sticks and Stones
Taste of the Sun

Star Of Wonder
Star of Wonder, 2015
Star of Wonder

What Child Is This album cover
What Child is This, 2013
What Child Is This (cover)

The Head & the Heart album cover
The Head & the Heart, 2011
True Colors
The Head and the Heart
Fear & Love
Open Eyes
Some Things Come Slow
A Strange Thing
Taking Flight

More Than True album acover
More Than True, 2009
The Bar’s Been Set
Tell Me True


Oh, if I could get a little hope
a little comfort for my soul
I’ll be okay
They’ve, been trading answers every day
never run out of things to say
as if they learned them from the grave
But is there more than empty holes?
Soil where truth can grow?

I want feet that found a road
I want a heart that beats and flows
I want a mouth that can taste and close
I want eyes that see and go
…I wanna know

Hey, I’m sick of hearing there’s a way
but never gettin’ there today
There’s always something to stop them before they can say…

More than holes, hope is for something we know

Dreamers, we are the few
the ones who see the world as something new
but Time, is so confused
when to wait and when to light the fuse

You can shoot for the stars
don’t you lose heart, things fall apart
start at the start and who knows where we’ll end up

Silence, lines the way
turns your fears and doubts into a haze
and Balance, takes its toll
waging wars between the yes-and-no’s

Victory, Sorrow
History, Tomorrow
there’s no escape
(but) love hides a way

I’ve been chasing mountains, I’ve been chasing storms
I’ve been chasing rivers, seeing where they go
I’ve been chasing sunrise, I’ve been chasing daylight
I’ve been chasing home

I’ve been chasing fables, seeing what they know
I’ve been laying anchors, seeing if they float
I’ve been reading fortunes, tuning in to stations
I’ve been chasing home

There’s no way that I can see this to its goal
It’s only when I lose that I’ll find home

I’ve been reading mysteries, I’ve been throwing stones
I’ve been taking handouts, looking for a bone
I’ve been breathing fire, sending out a wire
I’ve been chasing home

I’ve been spending paper, I’ve been taking loans
Turning on a circuit, sleeping to its noise
I’ve been singing music, I’ve been writing lyrics
I’ve been chasing home

Looking for a reason, looking for a hope
Looking for a Savior, looking for His throne
Looking for forgiveness, looking for the Spirit, looking for a home

If my hope is firmly found in You alone
I know when this life is through that I’ll see home
These are ghosts of what we need in worlds unknown
But if I’m bound or if I’m free… You are home

“I’ve got nothing to lose”
Hear it all the time from the mouths of fools
It’s a paradigm inside our minds
We learn when we’re young and horizons shine
And we feel it in our bones, cause we’re wandering after home
oh, home…home

“I’ve got nothing to lose”
Wonder if those words could ever be true
It’s a turn of phrase to rearrange the present over the marathon pace
And I feel it in my soul, cause I’m wandering after home
oh, home…home

Straight to the heart of what we know
Tracing the lines as they unfold
Hopes will define us as we go
We become what we behold
We become what we behold

“I’ve got nothing to lose”
Hear it all the time from the mouths of fools
It’s a mystery, death-defying
Those who’ve stood on eternity’s shore
“I’ve got everything to gain”
Only they can say it this way
Not a gamble in the dark, but pressing toward the mark

Don’t you lose it if you don’t see it
Don’t trade it for what will leave you on your knees
Can you taste it? Wisdom’s way is wide and free
It’s a narrow mystery…

If everything was perfect I know I still would not be
If there were no more problems the problem would be me
Within, not without, is the curse’s gravity
A perfect rind would only hide the seed

If wars went on hiatus and lights were always green…
If germs evaporated and money grew on trees…
Would it only find us deeper in the sands of treachery?
A perfect rind would only hide the seed

Sticks and stones break my bones, break my hold on my soul
I’d be further down the hole but for these
Sticks and stones lead me home, mark the path from the road
I’ll be limping but I’ll be free

If beauty was perfected and violence left the streets…
If plenty and prosperity led to lives of ease…
Would a different darkness hide inside our self-sufficiency?
A perfect rind would only hide the seed

I’ve felt the pain of sadness, I’ve sighed the sighs of grief
I’ve watched a world of madness, and anger flashed in me
I’ve begged for the answers, and magic remedies
Sticks and stones…

There are places that we have been waiting to go
there are orders we have been waiting to follow
There’s a new life that we have been waiting to start
there’s a future that runs from today to tomorrow
There’s a sunrise that’s waiting to show us its face
there are stars that are storing up all of their rays
for a taste of the things that are waiting to come

We are young, we are free
we are waiting to be
We are young, we are foolishly always so eager to follow our tongues
but we’ve gotten a taste of the sun
we’ve gotten a taste of the sun

Oh we know what we have is a runaway hill
our desires try to live on these runaway thrills
Life and limb they have always been worn by a thread
my desire is to live for the life that is hiding and looming ahead
for the ones that have thrown off their rings
who are servants and sons of a King

Take my heart!
Take my mind!
No one knows of the glory we’ll find


We traveled so far that night
Searching for eternal gold beneath a starlit rainbow sky
A bitter desert cold, resting on the leading of
an ancient tale of One to save the world
And I’ve left my home behind
All my earthly treasures, with a hope to find
A treasure that’s more worthy
Resting on the leading of…

chorus lyrics public domain, by John Henry Hopkins
A star of wonder, star of night
Star of royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
guide us to thy heavenly light

But my world is too far gone
I walk a winter road that’s closed its ears to summer’s song
So I tune my ear and wander, resting on the leading of…

Could it be that I was there?
Could I have known our sorrow He came to bear
for the joy set before!


What child is this, who laid to rest,
On Mary’s lap is sleeping?
Whom angels greet with anthems sweet,
While shepherds watch are keeping?
Why lies He in such mean estate,
Where ox and ass are feeding?
Good Christians, fear, for sinners here
The silent Word is pleading…

This, this is Christ the King,
Whom shepherds guard and angels sing.
Haste, haste to bring Him laud,
The babe, the son of Mary.

So bring him incense, gold, and myrrh,
Come peasant, king, to own him.
The King of kings salvation brings,
Let loving hearts enthrone him.


He’s letting his heart ring out, beating the silence down
there’s nothing like a day that’s over to show you the kind of person that you are
the plan when you first set out is seldom the one that you stay on
there’s nothing like a thing that’s over to show you the kind of person you’ve become

Show me you true colors
take a look at my true colors

It starts with a single drop, spread by a beating heart
there’s nothing like a chain reaction to set in motion a plan to change it all
so he’s letting his heart ring out, beating the silence down
there’s nothing like a new beginning to change who’s winning and to make it through somehow

Show me your true colors so I can see…
take a look at my true colors and you will finally know me

Let your heart ring out, beat the silence down
there’s nothing like a thing that’s over to show you the kind of person you’ve become
Why does my heart not match where my head is
Why don’t I feel the things I know
Why can’t I bring them both together
Or leave them both alone
There’s a discord in my framework
A hidden broken code
A traitor in my members
A hole under the floor

Yeah I’ve been fitting things together
The way that they seem they should go
I’ve been solving different puzzles
But this one stays unknown
They both see the need for action
They feel the need to move
My head’s got the directions
But my heart won’t leave the room

Sometimes the head is on the right page
The heart can claim that too
Sometimes neither of them can say
They know just what to do
But in time they soon remember
& providence reigns true
Some things are simpler than we make them
& give them back to you
There’s a disbeliever in me, Oh he disbelieves everything he sees
but he knows that life is more than what it seems
And that disbeliever in me, Oh for all the times left him begging please
life is slowly bringing him to his knees

I am hanging on the last word, I am turning to the last page
I am looking for a way out, I am looking for a safer way
You are talking with a straight face, You are patient as a slow fade
You are fiercer than a strong gaze, You are cutting off my escape

I am fighting but I’m listening, I am tired of resisting
I am hating how I’m living, I am finding what I’m missing
You are showing me your true face, You are pointing out my mistakes,
You are standing there in my place, Yeah You are taking all my doubts away

I am hanging on the last word, You are talking with a straight face
I am looking for a way out, You are cutting off my escape
I am fighting but I’m listening, You are patient as a slow fade
I am hating how I’m living, You are standing there in my place
Son, fear what you love
for what you love has mastered you, what you love has power over you
like a gun pointing out your every move
the things you give your heart out to will play a part in everything you do
Keep it hidden, keep it true

He said son, fear’s like the sun
it gives light to what you do, to when you should and shouldn’t follow through
everyone’s afraid of things that they’ve been through
afraid to stand, afraid to move, afraid of all the things that they’ve been through
Keep it hidden, keep it true

And when your fear becomes the only thing you hold
it will guide you to a place and it will show
that what we love tells us what we’re longing for
what we love tells us all the things we know

Son, fear what you love
for throught it you will learn to hear the voice of wisdom ringing loud and clear
like a bomb, wrecking all you once held dear
can change the world to come for years, your heart will slowly mold into its fears
Keep it hidden, keep it true

But son, love anyway, love all the same
without love you’d lose your way, you’d have no place
Fear what you love
Open Eyes, I just wanna close them for the night
and know that everything’s alright this time and give it back to the morning
Clouded sight, the more I know the longer I’m alive
the more I see that it’s a lonely fight we’re waging out and inside

And it weighs on my mind, and it could change the way I live my life
but I want open eyes

Open eyes, once you’ve seen there’s no place to hide
but all I want is to set things right and wait it out till the morning
sleepless nights, it’s what you get with your open eyes
and it’s a burden that you won’t survive if you bear it inside
I’ve been making a sound for so long now, I’m starting to feel like I’m being drowned out
I don’t even know if I fit in this score, I don’t know much anymore
But you have a sound, I’ve been listening to it and singing along cause I thought I knew
Thought us two could make a tune, and make this world sound new

Can’t you see that we’ve been in the wrong key
so won’t you come over with me
And we’ll find ourselves in perfect harmony
We are not who we use to be
We’ve finally found our melody
Now we can sing in perfect harmony

Like a clanging gong in a crowded room, this world seems more like a sonic duel
& I feel like a simple fool cause I don’t know what I should do
But I hear a sound and it’s piercing through, & rising above the songs we knew
calling out to me & you, like a solo in a crowded room

It’s a game I play, aligning myself with the words you say
but it’s more than that today, Oh I see now it’s the only way
If we were lonely when we were apart
will we be lonely when together we are
under this lone tree, with this lone breeze, watching the sea, crashing lonely
Are we longing to play more than a part
maybe hoping one day we’ll finally start
to not be lonely, like our lone tree, with its lone breeze, watching the sea

And I’m tired, wearing thin
so tired, won’t you take me in, let me share your skin

Slowly I have opened my heart
so won’t you hold me and I’ll know that finally we are
more than two lonely people holding out for something, always knowing
That there’s so much we’ve barely started to see
we are only whole when we are not free
and it’s so phony cause I’ve been loving only me

One day we’ll see this through, one day is coming soon
One day we’ll take these hands, let go and reach out to a whole new land

Take me in and I will take you
Oh saving us both is all we can do
more than a cure for being lonely, oh if only we weren’t lonely
Then we could know we loved for beauty and truth
not just solely to run from loneliness
standing like a lone tree and riding on a lone breeze, watching the lone sea crashing lonely
Like a kid you came out swinging, they all looked good somehow
but striking out soon taught you to wait or you’ll be out
so the waiting started easy like calling all the shots
but the waiting turned to defending & brick by brick you built your wall

It’s the walls that keep us alone
It’s the walls that keep us from home

Solitude can seem so friendly, there’s only one to love
but it’s cold, dark, and empty when you’ve blocked the sunshine out
so the waiting starts out easy like calling all the shots
but it often turns to defending & brick by brick we build our walls

I need a home where I am not alone
I need a home where I am not alone
Give me some walls that I can call a home
not these walls I built on my own
It’s a strange thing if you know what I mean the few times that I know what I mean
They come so few and far in between that I must admit my talk is cheap
When my talk is cheap I barely even know what I mean if I even mean a thing
I’d rather sit here silently than be a man who’s words are free

Oh it’s something to know what you mean, to take that and make that a living thing
more than what you say you believe, a living breathing offering
They’re falling free like fruit from a tree, like rain from a sky that’s been thundering
They come and go like they were meant to be and they spring from a change in me

I barely even know what I mean but I’m a living breathing offering,
I’m a living breathing offering
Baby I know I’m slow to pick things up, slow to take them in
slow to see that I was wrong, slow to see the places that we’ve been
and the lessons that we can learn from them
Baby I know that things have weighed me down, they got under my skin
I slowly let the outside things find their way into my mind again
and there’s no place left to run from them

And the weight of the world is coming down to this…

Bring me back to myself and bring me back to your arms
I’m in a place that is wrong but in time we’ll get where we belong

Baby I know that time is moving slow, it barely moves at all
looks like I’ve been letting things back me up into the corner walls
and momentum is about to stall
Baby I know you’re tired of waiting now, you wanna move again
but know that I am waiting for the time when we can take the right way in
know that time will soon begin

Some things come slow, it’s not so bad, soon we’ll know that slow was the way we had to go
I don’t know why, but lately I has been a little out of sync
I think it’s just the result of always being on the brink
Maybe I was quick to think that change would come
If the ending’s been written, will I be here when it does?

Your hand moves where I can’t see, Your plans are the ground beneath my feet
though maybe is the place that no one ever wants to be, Maybe it’s what I need

It’s just like dust collecting all around us, life is asleep
I’d wake it up and dust it off but these are things out of my reach
Time moves only for the ones it loves, maybe I was quick to think that change would come
if the ending’s been written will I be here when it does?

I’ve been wanting it all, but not giving my all
Maybe what I’ve got’s enough, You are enough
Long ago, he was afraid to try
so he stayed behind
he stayed inside
Years before, but time it flies
now day is night
and he’s inside

It’s not that he feels safer indoors
but the world outside is wider
and he’s looking for a hand to hold

Grabs his coat and finds his shoes
both have holes but feel like new
the air is cold, but the sky is still blue
just light enough to see this through

The path is there from those who’ve gone before
and with each step he feels lighter, it’s as if he’s got a hand to hold

Faces are all we’ve got,
to tell each other whether or not it’s just a cover
Cause I know you’ve got so much going on under
the face you’ve got trying to keep it covered

Faces are all we’ve got,
to get past the surface to the thoughts
and get to the person I see hiding underneath
& we’ve got so much ground to cover once you’re uncovered baby

I’m just trying to read you before you read me
& hoping we get past driving each other crazy
Cause there’s no more joy in pretending to be…alright

I’ve got a blind eye to the face you’re showing me
It’s obvious that there has gotta be a story that’s still hiding somewhere
But the going’s slow when you got no info
so baby please, tell me what I need to know…to know your heart
maybe faces are just a start

It’s a hard line to draw, when to show the world who you really are…
or to play the game so everything stays the same…
well if you tell me you’re alright then maybe I’ll tell you I’m alright
Maybe I have not been straight with you
I know we’ve got no more time to lose
If there’s love in your heart, it’s gonna die without proof
If there’s love in your heart, maybe I’ve fallen for it too

Are we made of the same stuff that everybody claims that there love is made of?
Are we more than true? Now the bars been set for you.

Maybe we’re past the life we once knew
Oh surely we couldn’t go back even if we wanted to
Love is more than trading hearts, it gives itself and doesn’t seek to get back what it’s lost
We may not yet be true, but we’re closer now to seeing this thing through
I’ve got so much to do, but I’ve been putting it off just for you
don’t you see how much you mean to me?
The world is confused, so I’m boiling it down to me and you
they make it harder than it needs to be…pretending we are free

I don’t wanna be free, I wanna be tied to the things that matter to me
& beyond what I know, I know that you’re more than enough for me
Will you stay enough? Always be enough

So what shall we do, is freedom a thing we can choose…or the darkest of tragedies?
(but) we are not fools to give away all that we cannot keep to gain what we cannot lose
Patience are you with me anymore?
Though I know that I’m the one that turned away from you before…
before our time had come. But can our time still come?

Patience there’s a lie that I’ve been told:
That truth is no more valuable than the means by which it’s sold.
I’ve been treating time as if it were my own…
Won’t you buy me back, won’t you bring me home

We beg and borrow for more
We fail to see that life is at our door
Have I become so blind, or have I lost my mind?
(but) I believe that truth is still worth waiting for.

Patience some are fast and some are slow
but neither one is better, they are brothers and I hope
I’m not foolish enough to start a fight, Oh patience, I need you here tonight

Oh the means may help or hurt the truth that’s dieing to be told
& time may say it’s ours, but in the end it’s just a loan
I’ve been unfaithful,
I’ve been flirting with change.
But flirting’s always easier when it calls you out by name…
and flirting’s just as bad as trading love away.
You’re the only one I wanna know my name.

Oh it starts in the heart,
the rising and the falling apart.
& I wanna start by giving you my heart.

I’ve heard of faithful,
but it’s hard to come by.
The only place it never failed is when you gave up your life…
and the only hope I’ve got is if I stay by your side.
Yeah it’s only you that’s keeping me alive.
Expectations, they don’t live to long before they die
and if they do it means you never tried, oh you never tried
New sensations, they pass away before they’re even known
they always leave you waiting for more, oh for more

Is it common to the human race? Or are you just trying to keep me in my place?
I’ve got a lot to learn, it starts and ends with you…oh I’m waiting, won’t you tell me true

Oh truth, it’s always hiding waiting to be found
never shakin, always solid ground, oh solid ground
& Satisfaction, it never ends up where you think it’d be
but you’ll never find it if its what you seek, oh don’t you see

My good intentions leave me empty searching for relief
I wanna see the good but without you it’s out of my reach
So won’t you lead me, past the problems down to the root
Dig me up, and plant me somewhere new, oh with you