Release Show Kicks Off New Album!

What a night! After 2 years of writing and recording, it was truly a humbling experience to perform for a full house of who I consider to be friends and family. Thank you all so much for coming out and making last night as memorable as it was. From my good friend Jake Dougherty opening up the night and our special video project you were all able to take part in, to the release show itself, it was a night to remember. Music resonates, not just physically or audibly, but it resonates much deeper than that in the core of who we are, and sharing in that last night was the most meaningful part.

The Head & The Heart now begins its journey and I trust and hope it finds you well. For those of you who can help me spread the word and get it out there, your partnership in its success would mean a lot to me as well.


The album is now live online for digital download through DigStation.

*iTunes & amazon releases will be up shortly, as well as physical distribution*

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