One Month Recap for FTFR

As I write this, “Feet That Found a Road” has almost been out for one full month already! They grow up so fast :(

A couple cool things have happened, in case you missed it:

1) We had a super cool release show at RVR, with Chris and Jenna and Chris & Eli opening up. And the super talented friends I had playing with me were Sean Dukehart, Tim Walsh, Ryan Nalepa (of Ashes Remain), May Novalis, and Alex Bair. Big thanks to them for lending their talents…and to Dan Alcott running sound and Brent Moneymaker nailing the lights show. Yay team!

2) Check out the new album trailer with footage from the aforementioned release show:

3) I was featured on the front page of as one of their ‘New & Notable’ artists leading up to the release– super grateful for that!

4) IndieRockCafe selected my single “A Little Hope” as their song of the day just yesterday– again, super cool of them!

Just between those 2 sites, the single has been downloaded or streamed about 1000 times.

If you’ve got a favorite radio station/music blog and want to take a minute to request that they play some ‘Young Novalis’, let’s keep sharing these tunes with more folks and with those who may need to hear a message of encouragement and hope that hopefully points their hearts upward to the One who gives us breath each day.

Thanks friends!


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