Dust to Dust

We finally got a good day of weather last week and I got to go out and do something I’ve been meaning to do for a little while. Not really a normal thing I admit, but there’s a graveyard in our town that I drive by pretty often and I’ve wanted to take some photos there for a while.

It was more sobering than I expected it to be as I walked alone down the aisles. Human life is treasured, and rightfully so. God made us unique in creation, we are self-aware, spiritual beings, and our capacity to love and effect each other is more than we even realize. To see memorials set up for lives now hundreds of years gone was quieting. Each of these people now gone was just like me. They lived and breathed, had families, jobs, hobbies, and were part of the tree of humanity that was before them and continues on after them. But is the grave really the end?

The large tree in the middle of the cemetery was suddenly full of meaning to me. In the midst of what looked like death and hopelessness was life standing tall and strong. These may be frail bodies of dust, but death has been conquered. Christ arose.


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