Air guitar vs. Air drums

Me and my bro stumbled upon an interesting question yesterday, and due to the importance of the issue, I decided I had to write something about it…if for no other reason than to figure out where I stand on the issue myself. That question is simply this:

Which is more fun to play, the air guitar or the air drums?

Now, my gut reaction was to say air guitar of course!  I mean, it’s been a staple to rock music for so long and I’m a guitar player myself, so it’s almost like rooting for the home team…but my mind quickly interjected a defense for the underdog air drums.  I mean there’s only so much you can do with an air guitar, right? Beyond strumming and jumping, there’s not much to it…and no one really plays the air guitar for longer than 5 to 10 second spurts.  It wears out its welcome pretty quickly. 

The air drums on the other hand have a lot to offer.  First off, it’s closer to the real thing, involving both hands and feet…it’s as accurate as you want it to be.  And while driving too, the steering wheel always makes a pretty good drum head.  It could be argued that air drumming keeps drivers awake, and therefore saves lives on the road!

There’s a technical side to this debate as well: the air drums are completely customizeable from song to song.  If you want to switch from 2 toms to 3, or add as many symbols as you like, go right on ahead and do it.  Wherever you want there to be a drum to hit, its as good as there!

So for the time being, I must admit that I find myself pretty swayed by these incisive arguments. Both instruments are great, but if I had to choose a side right now, I think I’d have to pick the air drums.  Your thoughts?


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