A storm’s a comin’

Not literally.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I like a song, I want to know the story behind it or what it is about and why the artist wrote it. Any extra insight is like striking gold. It’s like looking up a word in a dictionary and then going back and re-reading it in context where it stumped you before. That’s why I like going to live concerts, to hear the artist give a context to a song and then maybe even expand and extend the version they play. And conversely, that’s why I hate going to a show just to hear straight music played as if right off the cd.

What I’m going to try and do is go back and write something brief on each song from More Than True…or hopefully even better, I’ll try dig up journal entries or such from when each song was written, and this is something I’d like to continue from here on out with everything I write. Songs are most of the time just summaries for bigger things that are going on. Time to unpack it all…

*Also, there’s a new t-shirt in the store. Merry Christmas!


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