Time to Expound

Time seems like a scarce commodity these days; like an old tree stretching its bare arms out toward the winter sun for the warmth it needs to go on…so, on we go! Life’s been busy between work & wedding plans (in case you just said congratulations, thank you!), but music isn’t completely out the window. There’ve been a few new songs written and a show or two on the way. Kirkridge Presbyterian Church in Westminster, MD just asked me to come back so we’re figuring that out now. But I wanted to let you all know about another little side project I’m getting involved with…

I’ll be partnering with one of my brothers over at www.expoundmag.com, launching a new blog/occasional podcast on art/media/culture/etc… so would love it if you check that out! First podcast and post just went up yesterday. You can also follow that on twitter at @expoundmag

Of course I’ll try and post anything I write here as well but gotta say my little bro is a pretty sharp kid so you don’t wanna miss out on his musings!


— LUKE 9:23 —


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