Christmas gifts & God’s will

Hope you’re all having a great Christmas! Just wanted to share this thought I had during the morning festivities…

Christmas gifts are a lot like prayer and God’s will.

We all have our wish lists when it comes to Christmas time. We hope to get certain things, maybe more so than other things. Along with that, there’s the eager anticipation of what you’ll get, and often what you get isn’t even something you had on your list. Ultimately what we get is out of our control. Christmas always involves some surprises. Just like that, when we pray to God we ask Him for specific things. He knows the desires of our hearts, but He also knows what we need and what He’s planned for us. It’s in His hands, it’s our joy to trust and recieve, and His joy to answer, provide, lead, and even surprise us.

I though that was a cool parallel…


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